Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy to be Served!

My niece suffers from a fructose intolerance, which means in short that anything containing corn syrup or fruit juice, etc is what's known  in my sister's household as a "fructose nightmare" and is deemed un-Paige friendly. When ever Paige has come to Montreal with my sister to visit with us I've never been able to make my cake pops for her because some of the ingredients are un-Paige-friendly and therefore major fructose nightmares....except these ones. This week's special project was to make Paige-friendly cake pops so I used a different cake and made a different icing for the centres, then  I checked ingredients on anything I wanted to add to these cake pops to make doubly sure that they would be safe on my little nieces' tummy.

My Mum and I and a friend of ours (our honourary Auntie Julie) went to Ontario to visit the family this weekend so I took the opportunity to try these Paige-friendly cake pops. My sister was so pleased when I told her I'd made some alterations to make sure these wouldn't end up being a fructose nightmare. Hence the smiley faces, because for one they're meant to make people smile back at them, but also because they would make Paige's tummy happy, not sad!

 If I had had more time (as always) I would liked to have done a different face for every single cake pop, but I compromised by making a few of each different kind.
The end result sort of reminded me of Pacmen.
For something so simple, they really spoke for themselves: they look happy, therefore if you eat one, you'll feel happy!
 The whole gang!
 When I showed Patrick, my boyfriend, what I was doing his first question was "are they mint?" and second "why does this one have arrow eyes?". After I explained all the different facial expressions; IE: winking, laughing out loud, smirking, ":D", etc., he sat next to me at the table while I finished up the last few faces. After a couple minutes, I looked up and noticed that he was picking up the cake pops and mimicking the facial expression on the cake pop!! This was the one I captured on film, but it really was quite hilarious!
The whole lot of them, all packed up and ready to go entertain my family!

They still make me smile!

:)               :)                :)              :)              :)                :)                 :)                 :)              :)

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