Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fun with Duff!

My Mother often likes to see what new tools/techniques I use in various projects, so I felt the need to share some of these facts. No secrets and no particular special skills are often needed to make yummy looking treats!

These are tubes of "candy writers". Basically, hardened candy coatings in a tube which I can melt and use like a pen. It allows the decorator to be more precise and add special details, or just jun lines as I did with these truffles.

Maximum statement with minimal effort!

This particular brand is "Duff Goldman" of Ace of Cakes. There are many other colours (but these were the ones on sale!)

A mix of mint and white chocolate covered chocolate truffles. The green denoting which are the mint. I feel they have an almost "Tim Burton" feel to them...

 Along the same vein, but all chocolate with plain white chocolate covering. I added sugar pearls for a little extra something.

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