Saturday, 7 April 2012

Have a Chocolatey Birthday Vicki!

Almost a month ago a friend of mine asked if I could make him a chocolate cake for his wife's birthday. The specifications were simple: dark chocolate, boozy, no cream filling, and in the style of Première Moisson. Seemed simple enough except I had never attempted anything like this before so was glad I had the time to do my homework. Naturally this started with the testing out of several different chocolate cake recipes! I wanted to find one that was dark enough but tasted more grown-up, and so with the help of some crème de cacao I eventually found a super recipe! Now to get around the cream filling I wanted to try to use something I had learned about at a chocolate making course I went to at one of my local suppliers l'Univers du Vrac. I made an "icing" filling using hazelnut butter, which resulted in a glorious praline type filling. To top off this praline filled, rich chocolate cake I poured over melted dark chocolate ganache.....oh my. And for the crown I created my version of a microscopic view of a cell using different colours of chocolate. I loved the look of the poured ganache, so shiny and decadent looking but I for sure want to practice my technique; This calls for more cake!

 When the cakes were cooling, I poured a bit of crème de cacao over them to soak in.
 This is the image of the cell I used to inspire the chocolate design. And even if your eye doesn't see a cell, it still looks like a cool design.
 The cake just after I finished the ganache layer.

The cake all put together! Lovely richness topped off with a chocolate crown.

I have been informed that the cake is definitely "rich and chocolatey". Firm confirmation that it turned out just right. 

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