Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Teacher Appreciation!

My next couple of projects I have coming up involve future projections of my life. Although I don't have kids yet, these next two orders were definitely "parent" oriented. Firstly, this weeks' pops were for Teacher Appreciation Week at a local elementary school. As per the organiser's request I made 60 cake pops in the shape of star, then after a single dip in yellow chocolate I covered them in gold and coarse sugar to make them shiny! Although they were a simpler design than ones I've down in the past, I love the way they turned out. They were bright and cheerful, and I hope the teachers see them and smile! It's a little cheesy but we all remember that one teacher who made us feel like a super star, so in return hopefully these will make them feel like one.

My new tool! After using our 3-hole punch to punch one single hole in the tags to attach to the cake pop, I invested $4.00 into a single-hole punch. I know I have one somewhere in the house but clearly it's in a safe place. This make the task so much easier!!!

Wrapped up with their "Thank you" tags.

...Next week you'll see what I mean by the second "parent" oriented cake order.

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