Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Sweets

I can always tell the shift in the season based on the colour of chocolate I'm using to dip cake pops. Christmas I go through a lot of red, green and white, and all the candy cane, gingerbread, and snowflake sprinkles. St. Valentine's Day I use up my red and white again, but this time I throw in pink and purple for added character, and now I use lots of little heart sprinkles, and red and pink nonpareils. Later on the year come the Autumn and Thanksgiving pops where I shift into yellow, orange, red (again...), and milk chocolate. I have the cutest little sprinkles that are autumnal leaves in seasonal colours, which I love using. Hallowe'en comes soon after where the black, purple, and lime green play a big part and all the really wicked Hallowe'en sprinkles I have that are shaped like skull and cross bones, witches, bats, and moons. But before the Autumn hews come out, I get to Easter where the decorations are distinctly pastel. Pale pink green and blue, yellow, and white, with all the cutest bunny-, chick-, and egg-shaped sprinkles and all manner of spring-coloured nonpareils. I am encouraged when it comes time to making my little Easter animals because it's one of those sure signs that Spring is springing!


Sheep (my Mother's  favourite)

Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter :)

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