Sunday, 27 March 2016

Cute Cupcakes for Easter

Given that I have a wall of jars that are full of sprinkles, ranging from coloured nonpareils to adorable little shapes for all the seasons, when I have a request for "cute" Easter cupcakes I instantly run through my types of sprinkles to create the best sweet treats. Instead of making classically iced cupcakes, I thought I would extend the Spring-theme and use my trusty grass tip and make little tufts of sweet grass, covered in adorable pastel-coloured sprinkles, thus forming cupcake nests for chocolate eggs.

These cupcakes were to function as place markers for a friend's Easter dinner table, and with these accompanying her already beautifully decorated table, I can't see how her guests couldn't have been thoroughly impressed.

I got those cute little carrot and bunny tags for my friend to write her guests names on and mark the cupcakes, so cute!
Love the little bunny sprinkles.

And the multi-coloured eggs.
...and the little carrot sprinkles!!
Happy little Easter tufts!

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