Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ice Skating Fundraiser

You never know who the next person to ask you to make cakes will be. In this case, sitting at my day job I had one of my regulars ask me if I would donate cupcakes for her ice skating competition in exchange for a page of advertising in her pamphlet. I grew up with parents who gave their time very generously so I very happily said yes. These cupcakes would be for the little skaters to snack on during their breaks in between performances, so I wanted them to be crowd-pleasers. As soon as I saw the advertising leaflet for the event, I already had an idea for the decoration.

I went with chocolate cupcakes, and decorated them to match the skating associations' colours. The cupcakes were then sent off in boxes, with business cards tucked in, to feed the skating masses.

I heard they didn't last long....
The skaters worked very hard, so I'm sure they deserved a little treat!

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