Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cake for a Tea Party Shower

I've already posted about one of my showers (there will be three total when all is done), the first being the shower at the church with all the church ladies, and now we have had the second at my Mother's house with her group of friends (known as "The Group of 7," because they are seven women). Mum threw me a tea-party shower, with a heaving table of delights, fine china everywhere, elderflower mocktails, tea (of course), and an enormous showering of love and encouragement from all who attended. I have known most of these ladies since I was very wee and played with most of their daughters as I grew up. They know me.

As Mum was taking care of every little detail to prepare for the shower, I offered to make the cake. I kept the design similar to the previous shower cake, but altered it slightly. Same type of cake, and again with the trees. Also, as with the church shower, every little thank you bag that was sent home with the guests had a slice of the cake in it to take home and enjoy.

 The wonderful woman herself! All of her hard work paid off, we all had a fantastic time, thank you Mummy!
I feel very showered with love.

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