Saturday, 28 February 2015

Shower Cake No. 1

Fact number one, my wedding is coming up in a matter of months. Before the May wedding date, I have a few showers planned because instead of having a huge shower with 80 people there, I chose to have a few more intimate groups and spend more one-on-one time with people.

The first round took place at the Church, with a great group of ladies whom I have known my entire life. We played games, ate yummy food, drank tea, and won prizes! It was a real pleasure to have this celebration with them because they have all been so supportive throughout the engagement and I'm sure they will help make everything in the church perfect.

For the refreshments at the shower, I made a cake (of course) using the recipe I will be using to make "Patrick's Half" of the wedding cake (more to follow on the one). Thinking back, you may remember I made Patrick a mint-chocolate swirl cake as a treat onValentine's Day, and because he enjoyed it so much I thought that this would be a perfect cake to represent him at our wedding (my Scottish side is having fruit cake!). I decorated the cake with our wedding's theme of the tree, representing family trees and putting down roots. At the end of the shower Mum and I handed out little "thank-you" bags which contained a slice of this cake to take home, a tea bag which I made using David's Tea's loose leaf La La Lemon tea (so yummy!!!) and a recipe for the cake. All the shower guests were asked to bring one of their family's favourite recipes to share with me, so in return I gave them one of mine.

The first cake of many to be made for this occasion...


 I know it's not typical for the Bride to know about the shower ahead of time, let alone make her own cake, but anyone will tell you I'm not typical... 

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