Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nothing Lost in Translation

The world of cake should never be boring or get stale (oh, a little baking joke!). As such I hope I never stop trying different techniques, materials, flavours, or in this case, languages. When I got the call about this particular cake, there was hesitation in the client's voice. Not because she doubted how the cake would taste or look but because she was sure that I had never done something like this before. She was right, the client wanted a cake to celebrate her Father's 90th Birthday and being that he his Chinese, she wanted his name to be written in English as well as Chinese. As I always say my hand-writing is better in icing with a piping bag than with pen and paper, however calligraphy is something new for me both in and out of my cake life. Fear not, I didn't have to research his name in Chinese, she provided me with the exact spelling and even gave me a couple options to choose from. It's amazing how a piping tip can because my paintbrush when I ask that of it, and in the end I'm really pleased and proud with the outcome.



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