Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love all Swirled Together

Most of my cakes are for other people to be honest, which Patrick finds particularly difficult when all these yummy treats pass him by and there are no samples for him to eat. Don't feel to badly for him though, because he always gets a special cake on the special occasions in our house. Such as for Valentine's Day when I wanted to make my Sweetie a special something only meant for him to enjoy, so I made him a mint-chocolate swirl cake with some pretty hearts on top.

This recipe and I go way back, and I always knew it would be in my life. Thank goodness I found someone who considers this one of his favourite flavours otherwise I would have to eat a lot of cake!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Sweetie!
Mmmm... minty swirlness :)

Editor's Addition:
Apparently, I had these photos tucked away out of sight when I did this original post. Here is the mint-chocolate swirl cake pre-consumption.

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