Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

It would seem as thought there is a mini baby-boom occurring in Patrick's and my social circle (of which I'm not taking part!!). Among some of them are our friends who were married a couple of years ago who are expecting a girl, one of my high school friends is expecting a boy, my cousin is expecting a boy, and my Mum's neighbour's son and daughter-in-law are expecting a little girl. The last baby was the reason for this week's order, hence the distinctive tint of pink to both the cake pops and the cupcakes.

I saw the little feet design in a book a couple years ago and thought they were adorable and much less creepy than that "belly-cake" that people often have at their baby showers, which are essentially a pregnant belly made out of cake that always have a large pair of breasts on it, and inevitably there are two little feet pushing out of the belly... in theory, they seem sweet but you have to go far enough in the thought process to imagine eating this belly cake. Nonetheless, I preferred these pops and cupcakes leaps and bounds over the "belly-cake" idea. The little baby faces will fit perfectly at the party, and the cupcakes will definitely add to the pink d├ęcor!

Apart from the oh-so-pink order for my Mum's neighbours, I made cupcakes for our friends, whom I mentioned earlier, who are also expecting a little girl in mid-December. These friends are particularly fond of chocolate so chocolate cupcakes it was, with a little bit of pinkness added in for good measure. Plus, I got to use my new tiered dessert plates that my Mum gave me!

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