Sunday, 31 August 2014

Alessandra has Graduated!

Any occasion worth celebrated always deserves a cake! The latest occasion was the graduation of my cousin-in-law who recently graduated from Concordia University with a teaching degree, and now has plans to go on and do a special certificate in order to teach English as a second language. This in itself is a wonderful achievement as there are only a few people accepted into the programme. This girl is going places and she was very deserving of a big party to celebrate this notch, and so with copious amounts of food and a nice big cake we honoured her and her brain!

Congrats Alessandra, you're awesome!!  

The pieces to go on top of the cake.

A big red sugar rose for Alessandra.

A chocolate seal for the scroll... my own little addition, stamped with the seal from my Grand Dad's tannery.

I hand-painted the scroll, I wanted to include her graduation year...

... and at the other end of the scroll, I painted Concordia's motto.

All topped off with a grad cap!

Alessandra's favourite colour is green, so naturally the cake had to be green!

 All put together!

With a little help from Justin, Alessandra cut the cake. Hope you enjoyed!!

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