Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fall Fair at St. John the Baptist Church

For the second year in a row I packed a box of pops to bring to the St. John the Baptist church in Pointe-Claire. It was nice seeing familiar faces again, the garlic farmers and the bees was Ladies. Plus all the people who came to my table and asked for something specifically because they had it last year and loved it! That is particularly gratifying because having a good reputation is the most powerful thing.

I brought a selection of Autumnally decorated pops with those fabulous leaf sprinkles, and I added some new sprinkles too. I practically squealed when I saw the "skull and cross bone" sprinkles, how cool are they? I also brought along a sweet flock of turkeys all set for Thanksgiving weekend. As well as the pops I brought my "Gourmet Boxes" with different flavours. Back by popular demand I had my lemon, red velvet, and mint-chocolate boxes, and also the apple pie cake and pumpkin pie cake boxes, this time with a little twist.

I even had the added bonus of my Mum keeping me company, and without her I wouldn't be making these pops!
My table this year had the addition of my new banner!

 The Autumnal pops, with the skull and cross bones sprinkles on the white pops in the front (so fabulous!)

I'm still in love with these leave sprinkles. They work with any autumn coloured chocolate and still look stunning.

 The Pie-Truffle boxes with a twist! I made both the apple and pumpkin pie truffles look like mini pies, with a crust and everything, so sweet! 

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