Friday, 29 August 2014

Cake Inserts

Whether it's a last minute contribution or a pre-planned one, it has happened once or twice this Summer where I've made cakes for people when I'm not at home.

The first time was when I was visiting my Uncle Paul and Leslie. During one of their evening performances they knew that one of the guests was celebrating their birthday, so Leslie made a scrummy gluten free chocolate cake for the birthday Boy. Leslie decided to use her resources to her advantage (my being there) and asked if I would mind decorating the cake for her. Of course I said yes, after all I wanted to help them out for the performance. Once the cake had cooled, I mixed up a quick chocolate icing and did a "knife-job" decoration (this is what I seem to do when I don't have my kit which includes a pallet knife and I have to improvise). To finish it off, I sprinkled blue sugar on the cake.

Leslie was very pleased with end result, and insisted on taking my picture with the cake 
(apparently I dressed to match!!)

The second time was most recently at my other Uncle, Doug's cottage. Every August we get together at his cottage to honour my Dad. My Aunt Beth, being very organised, assigns us all meals which we're responsible for, and I bet you don't need two guesses to tell which meal I got! Specifically, she assigned "dessert" to both my Mum and to me, so my Mum suggested we bake a cake to bring ("which you should read as "you can bake a cake" ", she told me through a cheeky grin) so I figured I'd bring up the baked cake (red velvet at Mum,s request) and all the fix'uns then assemble everything on site. I also made Pina Colada Bars which too went down a treat!

Another "knife-job", and it did the trick! (what do you think of my improve-cake stand!)

I can't do everything, but I can make cake, so this is what I shall do to contribute!

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