Friday, 15 August 2014

A Taste of the Corporate World

As I mentioned on my FaceBook page, I had a stupidly busy week this week. I had a very large order for pops to go to a corporate event celebrating two consumable products (which between you me and the lamp post, I don't know exactly what they are, fibre I believe) created by this company. A few weeks back, I was asked to make a cake using a recipe they had adapted to incorporate their products. Already I was in uncharted territory. Then using the cake made with this recipe, I made the pops and decorated them with a somewhat corporate theme. This time round, my client did not ask for a cute animal or for the pops to be doused in their child's favourite shades of pink, no for this order my client wanted their their logo drawn and spelled out in cocolate. Clean and simple. This reminds me of the Accessible Pops I made for my church a couple years ago. Normally, the designs I make come from my brain, so no matter how they turn out, I can always say that's what I had hoped for. In this case, however there was an image I had to stick to otherwise this wasn't going to look like anything (no pressure!). My client seemed very happy with the pops, so hopefully they'll help promote their product well!
...and now I can get some sleep!

 Will all 150 pops on the table, I had somewhat hijacked the kitchen...

 Next, each got a flask.

and under each flask, my trusty toothpick spelled out their company name.

 Then after all was decorated, each was bagged and tagged.

 All the pops were then layered in a box.

 And here's the box...

 And this was how they looked once they arrived at the event. 
I love the tray!!

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