Sunday, 8 December 2013

Silver Swags

   If you were to see this inside of my house you'd think either my Nana lived here too or that I am somewhat of a traditionalist. The former is most definitely not true therefore my décor can only be explained by the latter. I like a classic style, lace, clean lines, and if I can see all these on a cake- even better! Most of the time I can't really aim for this with a cake pop but when I get the chance to make a cake for a classic event like 25th Wedding Anniversary party, I most definitely can. Recently, I was asked to make a two-tiered wedding-style cake, and to keep it traditional, with white icing, and roses... nothing like a cake pop! It was fun to step away from the norm briefly, especially as I am about the launch into the main portion of my Christmas season.

   I must admit that there were times the cake was cursed at and I wished that my swags would just behave, but after it made it to the party venue in one piece and was able to come together beautifully, I forgave it.

   Hopefully it was the icing on top of the happy couple's special occasion! From the look of the venue, the décor, and the ambiance, it was clear this was going to be a wonderful evening!!


Many happy returns to the happy couple!! 


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