Sunday, 15 December 2013

New Arrival in the Crèche Pop Family

They're back!! Tis definitely that time of year when I start making the characters in the nativity scene, all dipped in chocolate, wrapped in fondant and finally tied with a bow. This year, however there was a new addition to the family. Inspired by the large number of Angels taking part in the pageant this year, I made a whole flock of angels to join last year's Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Donkey, and the camel (and I'm happy to say that the camel actually looked more like a camel than a cow, or hamster...).

Hopefully these little pops were a sweet ending to a wonderful day (despite the snow slowing us down a little)... and given the fact that only 15 minutes after everyone went to sit down for out post-pageant lunch, most of the designs were gone, I'd say they were pretty well received!!


The Angels in full chorus!

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