Friday, 13 December 2013

Farmer Lexie Turns 2!

Yes, I hear you asking why this post is only going up now?? For the simple reason that now is the moment I have chosen to up-load the photos required to post about this... I know, it's over a month late, but still!

Now armed with photos showing all our hard work, I can now show you Lexie's second Birthday cake! Last year we did a Mini Mouse themed cake. For a two-year-old, however we needed something a little more grown up...

It was Lexie's Mum's idea to do the far yard scene which made me very happy because I won a prize (1st prize, actually!!) in my village's Flower Show in England when I lived there in 2005, with a cake not unlike the one Nathalie wanted to create. A veritable blast from the past!

As with last year, Nathalie pre-prepared the cake and got a few supplies then I brought the rest. Nathalie displayed her skills she remembered when dirty-icing the cake, and covering it with fondant.

 Just to make sure it was fairly even, Nathalie "volunteered" me to cut the layers.
 The "dirty icing"... no skills lost.
 Tara, head of the Quality Control department. Very important job!!

Busy workers bees; Nat on the cake, Wendy on the balloons and other miscellaneous decorations, and Tara over seeing it all. 
 Covering the cake in grass-like fondant, like a pro.
Once we had our base, Nat and I got stuck into making the inhabitants of the Farm.
Little Lexie was the best way to know if we were even close to making the animal we'd set out to make.
 Unfortunately, the sheep were deemed "eggs" before they had their features...
 Like a pig in..... chocolate. Lexie shouted "Oink" when she saw these. Success!

Lexie thought at first they were dogs.... although after a re-jig, she knew they were cows!
Old McDonald had a Farm....eei eei oh!
Nat found homes for all the happy little animals.

 My poor cow got a little outcast....but she found a lovely patch of grass lovingly piped by Nat.
And finally, all our efforts have come together to made a brilliant cake for wee little Lexie!
Important documentation of the cake!
The Team for the evening (minus our Quality control department who had to go home because she had the sniffles....)
This cake is for one very luck Birthday Girl!
Way to go, Nat!

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