Sunday, 24 November 2013

Salted Caramel Goodness

I enjoy coming up with designs and flavours for my gourmet boxes. They're a little more grown-up than the pops so they work great as a Hostess gifts and birthday presents and have filled the need for something for me to bring to a party, many a time.

Some may not know, but my Mother actually makes the boxes herself! When I was little Mum used to make these paper boxes as a fundraiser for my Elementary school, so when I was devising these treat boxes I thought instantly of Mum. So on top of everything else, I could make them colour coordinated with the flavour of truffle cakes... of course.

These particular boxes were inspired simply by the sprinkles that I saw in Bulkbarn when I was getting all my seasonal sprinkles. I knew I had to do something with them when I saw the big tub of salted caramel.... bliss! I instantly thought of dark chocolate, and gold, and something all together quite decadent. The end result was a delicious looking (and tasting) treat that looked rather spectacular! Gold paper for the box (that although my Mother didn't make them, I did use her pattern), gold ribbon, gold paper cups, and a shiny gold platform that the truffles were resting on. I'm thinking they'll be fantastic for a New Year's party!
So shiny.....

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