Saturday, 23 November 2013

First Sale of the Year

And so it starts! Today was my first Christmas bake sale of the year, which was held at my own church. Alongside the bake table that was heaving with pies, breads, cupcakes, cookies, and all sorts, I set up my table with my pops. Although I couldn't bring myself to make Santa designs as it's not even December yet, I just stuck with "Winter" themed pops such as snowmen, gingerbread men, snowflake sprinkles, and silvery sugar. The result was a table that looked fit for the holidays! I loved seeing all the holiday designs again and it reminded me of how I started all this three years ago, alongside my new items that I've tried making such as my gourmet boxes, all in a row....

And so the holidays are on their way, at least in my kitchen they are! If you'd like to pre-order, just let me know! Like my Facebook page (click HERE for the link), and send me a message through there.


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