Sunday, 28 October 2012

Montréal's First Ever Baking Show!

After my friend told me that Montréal was hosting their very first Baking Show, I made sure to be able to go. After enjoying Toronto's Show so much, getting good advice see different things and get great ideas. Montréal's show, though on a smaller scale, offered much of the same opportunities. There were vendors selling their wares, demonstrators showing off their techniques, and a few bakeries showing some of their own cakes. I took some time to talk to Hilary the owner of Délices Delary Delights Bakery in St. Laurent and she was very encouraging and supportive! Thanks to her I'll be testing out some cacao butter to mix into my chocolate for decorating.

On top of all the practical reasons I went to the show I also got to see lots of beautifully decorated cakes in their cake competition. I always love looking at professional looking cakes and thinking... I could do that!

 This lovely cake was made by an under 8 year-old!!

 A shoe made out of sugar!

 The Queen Bee.
 I LOVE Cameo, so I picked this one for the "over-all show winner" cake, the people's choice.

 This cake was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.
 Of course, a Wellie made of cake!
 This made me think of little pumpkins.
 "The four seasons"
 I loved the "dirt" and the plants that were planted in this "dirt"!
 The lace drew me to this one. The decorator had put a piece of the lace that inspired the decoration.
 Time for tea!!
 An homage to Montréal including the metro system, part of the sky  line and of course traffic cones!!
 I loved the delicacy of this cake. I'm not into "heavy" looking cakes so I could really appreciate the lightness of this one.
 I can see a little boy being over the moon with this one, a real moment of childhood.
 The decorator said she was inspired by modern interior design, and that apparently this is where wedding cakes of 2013 are going.
 A lovely detail of one of the other wedding cakes. It made me think of the wedding ring design on quilts.
 This designer had taken aspects of the fabric from the wedding and made them edible.
This was a wedding cake.... a boy can dream!

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