Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lemon Lego

From bright pink cake pops to another extreme today. I made a 7th birthday cake for Oscar, a little boy who was particularly enamoured with Ninja Lego sets... now my only hurtle to over come was how to incorporate that into fondant and icing! After a bit of Googleing, I came up with a plan and it involved fondant, gel colouring, and Google Images of Lego people. On top of the designs, the cake had to be 100% chocolate free (the birthday boy has no love for chocolate). Therefore, tangy lemon cake it is!!

I was pleased with how the Ninjas turned out and I was sure I had the Lego pieces right when after my boyfriend saw them, he wanted to both play with them and eat them!

Hopefully Oscar will be as pleased with the cake as I was!! 

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