Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday "Pat-Man"!!

It was my boyfriend's birthday this past week, and I wasn't going to let my special someone's day go by without honouring him with some form of cake. This design goes way back to even before we were dating. We both took part in a cupcake bake-off competing against each other, being judged by our two good friends (no bias at all!). Although the score was close, my boyfriend did win (by 3 points) however I have to admit his concept was pretty cool: His cupcakes, when all put together made up the Pac Man maze. It seemed more than appropriate that for his birthday I try and follow this threat and give him my version of the Pac Man maze.


 With a bit of construction paper and my trusty glue gun, I tried to best recreate the Pac Man maze, and thus the "Pat Man" (his name is Patrick, it was only natural) maze is born! The look on his face was quite wonderful, and he looked truly surprised! Happy Birthday my Handsome Man, what shall we do for next year?? 

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