Monday, 9 April 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter!

Chocolate and Easter have become pretty much synonymous with one another. You hear "Easter" and you think Easter Bunny, egg hunt, chocolate O.D., etc. And although I also have more in-depth associations with Easter I can't ignore the seasonal opportunities that come with this Holy day. I make sweet treats designed to reflect the "new life" half of Easter time; new beginnings, Spring-time, new life. And besides, bunnies always seem to look so cute made out of chocolate!

 I used the designs from Bakerella's Cake Pop book, I just altered it ever so slightly. Plus I wanted to avoid what happened with the bunnies last year.
 I didn't think anything needed changing with the adorable little chicks! So I kept them pretty much the same.
 My Mum's favourite design, of course, the sheep! The only thing I changed really was the licorice logs for the legs. I didn't just use black I shook things up and threw in a white one here and there.
 These are the bunnies! A far cry from the "Alien Pig Bunnies" that came out last year
 I love these cute little chicks! So simple, and would be perfect even for Spring-time birthday parties.
 Sheep!!! Once I figured out the best way to put the sugar pearls on the chocolate without them all slipping to the underside, they were really quite straight forward.

Spring into a new beginning!

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