Monday, 26 December 2011

A Hybrid Christmas Tree

This was really an experiment, and I'd have to do a bit more testing before I offered these as order-able options. This particular tree was born when Mum and I went to a luncheon at our next-door neighbour's and I was bringing the cake. I didn't just want to bring cake pops, I wanted enough regular cake to feed a group of people also.
I baked a butter cake (which I dyed green) and iced and decorated it with a regular butter cream icing. I used the butter cream to make the garland, the star, and the tree stump. The lights, however were a different story. These, I made out of cake pops! They added a fun 3D element to the cake and made it more than just a normal cake.
I thought of a couple other ideas using this hybrid technique: How fun would a kid's birthday party be if the cake was Noah's Arc, and the animal pairs were made from cake pops? Or what about a teen birthday where the main cake is a pool table and the balls are made from... you guessed it, truffle cake balls. Wheels are turning!

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