Monday, 26 December 2011

Cinderella Goes to the Cake Ball!!

Always up for a sweet challenge, I couldn't turn away the opportunity to recreate my interpretation of "Cinderella" using the medium of cake. I decided to keep the designs quite traditional and opted to do Cinderella, Prince Charming, the glass slipper, two kinds of mice and the magic carriage, though not a pumpkin carriage. My friend who ordered these pops informed me that in this Pantomime, they were deviating from the norm and doing a Christmas pudding carriage. (Or course you would at Christmas!) No problem, I do a Christmas pudding design.
I did my best to make Cinderella beautiful giving her sugar pearl earrings, and to make Prince Charming handsome with his broad smile. The mice were adorable, and the glass slipper was very glamorous and shiny. I hear that the cast members approved of their post-performance celebrations!
Cinderella in the front, Prince Charming just behind, the glass slipper to the right of him, the Christmas pudding carriages are to his left, and of course the mice in the far side.
All of the cast members all wrapped up and ready to go!
All the pops set up for the cast members to enjoy (photo taken by Casey)

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