Monday, 26 December 2011

Come Dine with Me!

Cake pops are not only adorable but versatile too! What better way to host a dinner party than with a colour coordinated edible place marker?
Picture your dinner table set with your evening china, lovely flat wear, ironed napkins, and lovely wine glasses. How welcome will your guests feel as they sit at their clearly assigned seat and see a delectable little treat with (literally) their name on it. These place markers can be made to match your soiree by using an appropriate coloured chocolate or decoration theme thus making them the perfect flourish. Plus you can serve them with coffee or simply offer them as a take-home gift for your guests.
These are a couple examples of designs for place markers.
A simple, but elegant design. Single dipped in red chocolate held in a gold cup with matching red name plates. And because all orders are bespoke, they can be made to fit your evening perfectly.
These were ordered specially by our neighbour for her Scottish relatives who were visiting over the holidays. I made my classic reindeer but placed the stick in on top to attach the card for the names (the Canadian flag).

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