Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tigers!....Oh My....

How could I resist?? The bear and the lion would definitely be very lonely if I didn't take it upon myself to give them their other furry little friend; the lion. Here is my first attempt, and just as with the other two I feel he came out pretty splendidly. I was a bit worried he would turn more towards a Garfield appearance, but he held his own tiger-like image. I used orange chocolate for dipping, an orange M&M, halved for the ears, eyes are the same as his Oz buddies, his nose is a single sprinkle, and his muzzle is placed white chocolate (yay again for the tooth pick). The toothpick came in handy again when I gave his stripes which are melted black pastilles.
Put all together on a stick and tah dah! We have a fabulously iconic trio.

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