Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Palaloolali Patrick!!

(I never thought I would be spending time searching for that on the internet, but did you know that Palaloolali! is Happy Birthday in Minionese? Now you do...)

My Husband (and I) recently celebrated our 30th birthdays! Now we have to start feeling more grown up and all the rest of it, but for now I'll just post about the fun cake I made to celebrate the occasion. With all the gifts I give him there's always a theme: Minions. These yellow tic tacs have certainly made an impact on him so I try to have everything minion themed. For Christmas, I got him the string of minion lights and we made the Minion gingerbread house, we went to go see The Minions Movie in 3D, and even Patrick's favourite pick-up line he uses on me is from the Minions: "tu et bella, comme la papaya!" So to indulge him for his birthday, I sneakily made him Minion cake pops and a mint chocolate ice cream cake with a Minion flare.

I think he like them.... :)

(It's a bit blurry, cause I was excited to see his reaction.)
I put these Minion sprinkles in Patrick's stocking at Christmas. I knew I'd find the perfect time to use them!

Not too bad for a first attempt. I know what I would do differently next time, so I guess he'll have to suffer through more Minion cake pops at some point :P
It's hard to get a tall man, me, and a cake into a picture so this was as close as we got!
Happy Birthday my Darling!!


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