Saturday, 2 April 2016

Super Spy Chase and his Chocolate Cake

I've discovered I learn a lot through my cake baking sessions. I learn about new techniques, about new holidays, different sports, and certainly about new TV characters. It would make sense if I had kids or friends with kids of the appropriate age to know who some of these characters are, but most of the time I just have to sit down with Google and a cup of tea and get to grips with a whole new world. Such was the case with this last cake order.

The initial email discussion the order set the bar pretty high because the whole name of the character was used (showing that details were very important), and they mentioned the character's accessories (no pressure now!). Above all this, kids don't hold back. If they don't like a cake, they'll tell you straight out. If they wished for something different but didn't mind this cake, they'll say "it was okay, but I really like [insert their favourite flavour]!" So needless to say I wanted to get the details right, and I wanted the birthday boy to really feel like this was a Super Spy Chase and his Drone from Paw Patrol cake.

I knew that trying to create Super Spy Chase and his Drone out of anything edible would be an impossible and very expensive task, and knowing my artistic limitations it would not go well, so I asked if they would have a toy to put as a cake topper and I would decorate with appropriate details. I've heard that the 4-year-old in question was very pleased with his cake so I can wipe the sweat from my brow and breathe a sigh of relief!

I had worked with this edible paper one or twice before, but only in a minor capacity. I used red sugar sheets to make the fire engine cake, and as a backdrop for the logo for the White Side Taylor cake. It's a great alternative to fondant taste-wise, and buttercream (because if you manage to actually get buttercream red-colour and not pink, it wont taste good...).
 This time, I used the paper with edible markers and drew the logo and dog tags
for the famous Super Spy Chase.

It was a learning curve, but if anyone wants me to make a Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch, or Polly Pocket cake, I'll be in my element
(and showing my age!)

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