Friday, 13 June 2014

Auction Pops

You may remember a couple years ago I made pops as part of a talent auction held at my church. Various people within the congregation offered their services in many different forms, whether it be grass cutting, babysitting, car washing, book repairing, tea parties, or in my case a group of cake pops for the occasion of your choice.

Before the auction started, a young lady in our congregation approached me and while jumping up and down, she expressed her keen interest in winning the bid for my cake pops because she had a friend's birthday party coming up. At the start of the bidding, there was much interest in my cake pops but the lot finally went to the young lady with a birthday party- much to my delight!

After the auction had ended, the winning young lady came up to me and proceeded to tall me all the things her friend liked such as Harry Potter, unicorns, flutes, and some of her favourite colours: pink, purple, blue and green. After a pause and with blinking eyes, "Chocolate or vanilla?" I asked. Somehow I had to try and channel this energy into these pops in order to make her friend's birthday party one to remember!

Luckily most of the sprinkles and coloured sugars I have can be put all together to match anyone's tastes. These pops were a translation of the birthday girl's favourite colours: purple, blue, green, and pink.


When the young lady was running off all the things her friend loved, the one that really stood out for me was the mention of the unicorn.... I have been wanting the chance to make unicorns for the longest time. I've done donkeys and Christmas, zebras for the last talent auction, but never a unicorn. I know for sure my oldest sister would love these!

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