Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Singing Cake

You've heard of the cards you open where immediately you're bombarded with a digital-sounding song like "Happy Birthday" or "Brown Eyed Girl", right? Well I wanted to use that concept except with a cake. I wanted to make a cake that could be appreciated by our choir director, so I wrote the sentiment on the cake in a language I knew he could read; Instead of writing "Happy Birthday" in English, I wrote it in music...

How it all began, lemon layer cake filled with lemon curd (makes my cheeks water thinking about it!)

Add to that a simple layer of butter cream icing.
Then to top it off, give it a layer of fondant.
Next, with the help of my trusty pasta press I cut out the treble clef staff.
And after, I placed the carefully planned out notes.
Then I made them look less Mediaeval.

 Finally, give it a key, and timing and we're good to go!
  With great relief on my part, after our Choir Director "played" his cake on the organ, he smiled and said "and no mistakes!!!" (Phew!)

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