Monday, 13 January 2014

A Treat for Volt

Why not try something new every now and again? What about a dog treat? My Mum has made dog biscuits before and I used to think they were fab but since then I haven't had a reason to make them. Recently however, friends of our have acquired two new fur-babies; A German Shepherd puppy named Volt and a grey tabby kitten (who was still nameless when we met him). We were lucky enough to meet them both last night, so I knew I had to make something special. (We didn't know the kitten had arrived yet, so I only made something for the puppy...hopefully the kitten wont hold it against me.)

So although these weren't for human consumption (unless you have a taste for peanut butter and parsley together), it was still baking and therefore worthy of the blog!

 Just to be sure it was clear who these were for, each biscuit got a paw print!
 Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar??? Woof!!

I should confess I was a little worried Volt wouldn't like the biscuits..... I shouldn't have......
they proved to be quite popular! 

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  1. The kitten's name is Axel since last night. And I don't think that he will hold it against you. Volt is still adires those cookies!! Thank you!!!