Monday, 10 February 2014

Golfing in St. Vincent

They're back! Your friendly neighbourhood golf ball cake pops!

You may remember that last time I attempted to make these it resulted in several attempts to make my own chocolate mould (unsuccessfully I might add), a few carefully chosen blue words, and more than one late night. Nonetheless, they got finished on time and I learned a lot (let's try and take a positive from all this).

This time round I was wiser, so I went straight back to the successful moulding method that had won the day last time and as a result they behaved much better, and none were threatened with being thrown across the room... I am ashamed to admit that that does happen every now and again.

When talking about the details of the golf balls, I asked my friend ordering them what colour she wanted. At first some were going to be white, then the idea of going with the St. Vincent flag colours was thrown out there and in the end we went with that. I think they turned out really well and were a lot more interesting than just plain white edible golf balls on a stick- they were personal.

Because the St. Vincent flag did not immediately pop into my head, I did a bit of Googling and used these as my guideline.

And this is what came out of that.

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