Saturday, 15 June 2013

Something to get those Neurons Firing...

If you enjoyed last week's post about the tea pots then perhaps these pops won't be your cup-of-tea. Personally, I enjoyed getting my brain in gear in order to make these pops, and even though I had to make my own mold I wasn't nervous about whether or not they would turn out. However, compared with the animals, sprinkles, and swirls I normally produce some may find these offal... enough puns yet? Some of you may know I am a bit of a nerd at heart, and though it doesn't happen often enough I was thrilled to get out my anatomy books to help me designs these latest cakes. As such, when my friend told me she needed pops for her step-daughter's academic achievement, I secretly hoped she would ask for this design... because how else do you celebrate someone being accepted to do their Master's in Neuroscience, the study of the nervous system and the brain, and how it interacts and controls the body? Why, with little brains in colours coordinated with your school's colours... of course. Despite the bad brain puns littering this post I seriously enjoyed getting into this one as it was a cross over between my cake-making and my biology background.

This is the reason I required my anatomy books which I used to create a brain out of fimo in order to create my mold.

 After the fimo core, comes the silicon exterior mold in order to the shape the chocolate.

 The brain stands alone.

 The little army of brains! Most are a brain-like colour but there was a special request to make five of them Bishop's-purple.

 I was really pleased with how the detail came out!

The whole lot of them together...

Every single brain, bagged and tagged.

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