Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fancy a Cuppa?!

For those who need it, translation of "cuppa" is: Cup-of-tea/coffee, usually tea.

This post is not strictly about my cake pops although it does involve some of my truffle balls, this post is about how baking in general can be used for something so yummy and fun! Last Spring our Church had a talent auction and Mum auctioned off an English Tea for Two at her house. Although neither Mum nor I was born in England, we did live there for eight years total within my life so we've picked up a thing or two in terms of English culture and tradition. The hope was that we could have had the tea last year but unfortunately there were too many things that came up at the last minute, so this weekend when schedules finally worked together we were able to hold the tea party! There was rain but after all, what happens in England....?

This whole week, Mum and I have been planning and organising the menu, making sure we included as many English things and as many treats that were memorable to us from when we lived there. We had the essential sandwiches, scones, jams and elderflower cordial, followed by the quintessential Victoria sponge, Grantham biscuits, fairy cakes, and many other sweet goodies. Looking at everything on the table made you quite excited by the idea that not only did this spread look great, but you could also eat it too! Each of the three courses; Bread, Savoury, and Sweet were all accompanies by a different blend of loose tea specifically chosen for that course.

The Fairy Cakes. I used a vanilla cake recipe with lemon in it, plus I added rose water to the icing for that extra English touch.

What is essential at a tea party? A tea pot! I made these out of my truffle cake balls.... 

Words cannot describe how excited I was to eat all of this!

Everything is all set to go, just waiting for the guests to serve the cordial for the "befores".

The beautiful table set by Mum.

The Menus for the afternoon. The Sweet Course was much longer than the other courses.

Nothing better than appreciative guests, I'm so glad they both had as good a time as Mum and I did having them there.

My Mother being Mother. Mum was in charge of pouring the teas for the different courses. We had three different teas for each course, thanks to the employees at David's Teas for all their help!

Even Mum's lace pillow made an appearance- She's currently working on a handkerchief border for me!!

Everything about this afternoon was fun, hopefully we'll do it again soon!!

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