Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pug Pops!

A few months ago my friend came to me with a simple request... "could you do pug pops?" she asked with purpose. She wanted to give her husband a birthday present and she thought that pug pops would be just the thing. This friend of mine has three pugs of her own, so I knew I had to get it right! I always love when people come up to me and ask whether or not I could make pops in a certain design and usually, I honestly don't know whether I can or cannot until I've actually tried to make one so my response is often "I can try!". To come up with a workable design I looked at several pictures of (rather adorable) pugs, trying to see which features were the most important such as the colours, the tongue, the eyes, etc, and how to represent them in sugar products. But most crucially I needed to find out how to put something on my cake pops that I usually try to avoid...wrinkles! A true pug characteristic. Watching these little creatures come together with all their different personas was really rewarding, and so was the smile on my friend's face when I brought them to her. I've already heard that the Birthday Boy enjoyed his treat!

 A tasty pack of pugs!

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