Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cake Pop Class on a Rainy Day

I couldn't think of a better way to spend this rainy Saturday afternoon, then making cake pops with friends. This class was a Mother's Day gift to a friend of mine at my church and although they have received many of my cake pops, neither of them had either made any themselves. They picked up the basic skills no problem, and were able to move on to some more challenging designs. I love seeing what ideas other people come up with, and the two highlights of this class were Casey's gold fish and Teresa'a Zombie Bride. Both looked pretty pleased as they left my house, numerous cake pops in hand, full of ideas how to make their own at home. The only thing I think they weren't pleased about was having to walk to the car in the rain!!

The work stations, all set up. All the sprinkles, sugars, sequins, nonpareils, hundreds-an-thousands, and any other confectionery sprinkle to decorate our cake pops all at the ready too.

Escargot dishes double up as material dividers.

This is what greets my students when they walk into my kitchen...

We made basic pops, but we also made some specific designs. The chick and the sheep are always popular choices, but I thought a lion would be fun too!

The aftermath.... well worth it though because this is what you get...

...a wonderful collection of cake pops! They all turned out brilliantly, I am so proud!

 Everyone being packed up to head home. 

If anyone has any questions about having a class at my house (for 2-3 people... my kitchen is small), Like me on Facebook Page, and you can contact me through my site!


  1. So much fun! What else can I say, except that everyone also enjoyed eating them! Not only do they look good, they're delicious! Thank-you so much, Sarah!

    1. You're so welcome!! Glad everyone got to enjoy them :)