Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sugar for my Honey

After a surge of creativity and a wave of energy I finished all my samples of the Valentine's 2013 Collection. These will also be accessible through my Facebook page.

I am toying with a couple other ideas, so keep your eyes peeled!

A combination of shapes and colours that are classically associated with Valentine's Day.

 "Twolips" Pops. Create your own bouquet of "twolips". Also available in purple for Valentine's Day, but if you know your special someone has a favourite colour let me know!

 "Wrapped in Love" Simply elegant, with classic Valentine's colours. Again, purple is available to add to the pattern. 

 "Heart with Sprinkles" As close to the classic Valentine's chocolate box chocolate as I could get. Once again purple is available for the corner dip, and the heart sprinkles can be replaced with coloured sugar.

 "Love Muffins" White chocolate drizzled over the original colour with a matching sugar. Also available in pink. 

You could create your own bouquet of cake pops with an assortment of different designs or of one single design.

Either send me a message through my Facebook page, or leave me your email in a comment below if you'd like more information about ordering.

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