Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rock On......

I know, the cakes I usually make are often described as "cute" and "adorable," but I wouldn't use those words to describe this latest commission. These were a very special order designs for a friend's Birthday, and this friend's particular obsession is with the band KISS. I've know him my whole life, and I have young memories of seeing posters of these black and white scary-looking men on his wall. Little did I know that 20 years later I would be fashioning those images into cake and chocolate. So, as much I never thought it could happen, I made KISS look..... cute!? 

Never mind whether or not they were cute, I loved doing something different and a little more "hard core". And above all, I really enjoyed trying a new blending technique where I had to grade the chocolate on some of the pops from red to orange to yellow. It worked!! I'm glad with how they looked, and I've had reports from the family that the Birthday Boy was pleased as well!

Happy Rockin' Birthday Mike!

I learned who all the characters are in the band, from left to right we have a Demon, a Fox, a Star, a Cat, a Spaceman, and an Egyptian Cross. 

Showing the grading of the colours. Would have been easier with a larger work surface, but I'm still  thrilled with how it all came out.