Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Season of the Bake Sale

The quintessential event of the holidays, and one of the best ways to gather a group of people in support of a common cause, the bake sale has taken place in many a school, church, and community event in order to raise money while feeding the masses. My Mother has donated hundred of cookies and squares for these bake sales along the years, and I have had to help her move countless tins and plates of the bake goodies from the kitchen, to the car, to the table- heavily laden with sweet treats.

Donating baked goods to a bake sale is a particularly adult thing to do in my mind, and as I am becoming more and more of an adult, I felt very right donating a few cupcakes to a friend's bake sale she was organising for her daughter's school. They always say, you help where you can by doing what you can, and I can bake therefore this is how I can help.


I made a raffle prize for the sale as well. I put together a bouquet of cake pops in a festive mug, hopefully someone had a good treat!

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