Sunday, 13 December 2015

Merry Latimoose!!!

There is an explanation behind the title of the post. Part-time, I'm taking a massage therapy course and my beloved husband has been helping me study. Unfortunately his knowledge of anatomy is rusty to non-existent, so often I'm translating as we go. This particular gem was chiselled from the time when while doing origin and insertion points of certain muscles, he came to a road block when trying to read Latissimus dorsi, and through his own internal translator, "Latimooses" was coined.

This got me thinking that this would the perfect nerdy Christmas card from a massotherapist: "Merry Latimoose!" But this year, I thought I'm not going to rush to make the cards, so instead I'll decorate a cake with it. We had an end-of-year pot luck in class and I brought a chocolate cake. Adorned with a festive design and wishing everyone a Merry Latimoose with icing, and light bulb and snowflake sprinkles.

A Merry Latimoose to you all.....

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