Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tea-Time Choccies for Madeleine

It's nice to have a treat every now and again, but especially on your birthday. I made these choccies  to celebrate the birthday of one of my colleagues who always looks after me, so it was only right that I get her a little something to look after her on her special day.

My best friend gave me the mould that I used, and I had a lot of fun just seeing all the detail in the mould itself. The tea-cups, the jam jars, so sweet! I went another step further and made my first chocolate filling. I went with a chocolate-peanut butter filling, and decided it was dangerous to make this too often for I was likely to eat the whole thing before it made its way into the chocolates... not the best as you hand a friend a box of chocolates and say "Here, I made you some chocolates! They were meant to have a lovely filling, but it didn't quite make it in. It was really good, though!" Nonetheless, I felt they added that extra bit of "special" to the sweets and I'm glad they worked.

Definitely going to experiment with more fillings.... this could a very fruitful experiment!


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