Saturday, 27 April 2013

It All Smells Sweet

I think I have a pretty good imagination. I was always able to play make-believe for hours when I was a kid. And all though I usually come up with my own inspiration for my cakes pops I never stop being inspired by others. For example, I wouldn't necessarily think of creating cake pops based on a perfume... would you? This was my commission this week; To make cake pops to accompany a perfume launch at my boyfriend, Patrick's pharmacy. The name of the perfume is "Something Sweet" and is described as having three levels of scents: The strong tones resemble rainbow sorbet and champagne, the middle tones are melon and red fruit, and the subtle scent is raspberry juice and chocolate mousse. Patrick came home with some ideas the girls in the cosmetic department had thought of, and I told him what might and what might not work. In the end three designs emerged which I think really did reflect the different facets of the perfume. Plus they looked really great!

I'll post some photos showing the set up at the pharmacy, but for now here's what Patrick went to work with this morning.... I hope they all got there!!

The strong scent: Rainbow sorbet and champagne. I used the colours of the real sorbet to swirl around the cake pop, but best off all the green chocolate is key lime flavour and the orange is orange-cream flavour, so these pops will be a little citrus-ie too. 

 The mid tones: Melon and red fruit. These were pretty self-explanatory. The half dip represents the colours of honey dew and cantaloupe melons and each pop has a cherry and a strawberry for the red fruit.

 And finally the subtle level of scent: Raspberry juice and chocolate mousse. These actually did smell of raspberry because I used raspberry flavoured dark chocolate to dip them in. The pink polka dots aren't flavoured but are cute!

 I liked how they looked all gathered together, a bit 50's-pastel mixed with 'sweet shop'.

 My little babies all wrapped up and ready to go!

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