Thursday, 20 September 2012


My first Graduation celebration came a very busy time of the week, within a very busy month. At the same time I had been forced to turn down big orders, I took on this smaller one.... Why? I asked that too and at first I was unsure of the decision. If this order hadn't been as small as it was (eight cake pops), and had the design not been this simple (a single letter on each) I wouldn't have even attempted it. However, as it turned out, less was more for visual impact when it came to these cake pops, spelling out "CONGRATS" in sweet chocolaty goodness all standing proud in a stand I fashioned to look like a graduation cap.

Their simple design and clear message were quite charming when I stood back and looked at the whole package, and it reminded me that even though these little cakes were celebrating a big milestone in someones life, that the little, simpler things are worth celebrating too. 

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