Saturday, 11 August 2012

Keira is Two with Winnie the Pooh!!

When asked several months ago by one of my colleagues if I would make some cake pops for her daughter's 2nd Birthday in August I knew that what ever design I did they would have to be adorable! For a couple weeks, we toyed with doing either Mickey Mouse (a classic) or Winnie the Pooh (another classic). When the decision was made to go with a Pooh themed party, I automatically started thinking how I would try and represent this iconic bear in cake and chocolate. As usual I did my research and Googled several images of Pooh Bear to decided what were the main characteristics that made him special from other cartoon bears. One was his yellow colour: soft and mellow. Second his smile; wide and fun. Third his little eyes: too big and they changed his face completely, likewise with his eyebrows- they had to be just right. Once all these components came together there he was, Winnie the Pooh times 20 smiling at me from my kitchen counter. To finish them all off, I made a cake pop stand with foam and used paper to make a "Hunny" pot.

It seemed like the Birthday Girl was in for a wonderful day, so hopefully these will just be the.... chocolate...on the cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday Keira!!!!

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