Saturday, 7 November 2015

1st Birthday for the Fur Nephew

On the occasion when my Mum and I drive to Ontario to visit family, we often combine one, or two, or even three events into one weekend and have a good party to celebrate. This most recent trip encompassed celebrating my sister's graduation (with the Tardis pops), a belated Thanksgiving, and my fur-nephew's 1st Birthday.

This wee pup came to my sister and brother-in-law last New Year's Eve, and they have not had a moment's peace since! We had all the family together, a great dinner that my sister cooked, and gifts a plenty for this most beloved dog. Logan behaved very well, with minimal drooling on everyone.

The Birthday Boy!!

This is the cake my sister made for Logan, because butter, icing sugar, and chocolate was not the best option for a puppy to eat!
Slowly but surely, he got the taste...
...then the cream cheese was getting the better of him...
...and it was stuck to him... he went in for a second round to show the cake who the boss was!

 For the non-four legged furless people at the birthday party, who didn't really want to share their cake with the dog, I decorated a cake for the rest of us.
As a birthday present, I made Logan a batch of my (now) famous biscuits... he salivates when ever someone goes near the jar they came in... I think he likes them.

...everyone was a little tuckered out after the party. A birthday well spent :)

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