Saturday, 18 July 2015

25 Shiny Silver Years Together

This cake was for one of those happy occasions where I actually got to go to the party! One of my colleagues asked me to make her a cake to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary this Summer, and I was happy to oblige. My colleague sent me a few images of what she thought would look nice and together we came up with the design for her fabulous cake. I had never before worked with the quilted effect on the fondant, but I love how it came out. You have to know that my colleague has confessed that she enjoys coming to work so she can wear a nice skirt and put her lipstick on, on top of being very efficient and necessary in the office. I wanted to make this cake glamorous for her, so I got out my silver accents to tszuj it up a bit.

The party was wonderful and very moving, I hope my husband and I are as lucky as these two love-birds have been!


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