Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Cake Dedicated to Ethan

Sometimes simple is best, and if an elegant cake with few words on the top and minimal decorations will do the job, then go for it! The occasion should shine, and especially when it is a religious ceremony you don't want a topsy turvy, brightly coloured cake. You want something solid, just like your occasion.

Hopefully this cake will be just a little enrichment for Ethan's dedication ceremony!

Those who know me personally will know that I have the tiniest amount of OCD. To the point where I will wake up first thing in the morning, scrape off icing that I don't deem to be "perfect" and re-do it... several times. This cake was no different, and I wanted to get the spacing more even. I thought the ridiculousness was worth sharing ;P

Feel free to continually scroll between the two cakes and spot the difference. Some may say "I don't see a difference", and to be fair most would say this, except I know that what ever goes out there with my name on it has to be as perfect as possible. (Plus I don't want to end up on!! Here's an example of what I mean :D)

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